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I am Kellie Newsome and I am a loose and vibrant painter. My work is inspired from my surroundings and my passion for creating a  bright and happy life for me and my family! My work most often shows my childhood obsessions of all plants and animals and how all the structures and colors can be celebrated with paint and pencils.  

My Story

Kellie was born on a small farm in Eufaula, Alabama where she spent most of her time outside and creating at an early age. Kellie attended and graduated from Troy University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. In college, Kellie focused on painting and print- making, and enjoyed combining materials in her work. Chroma’s Atelier Interactive brand of paint sponsored Kellie early in her career while she was attending college, and she continues to collaborate with Chroma.

Kellie is an exciting and dynamic artist and her works of art seem to jump off the canvas with stunning texture, vibrant color, and vitality. Currently she specializes in a range of works on canvas, wood, and paper. Her subject matter often focuses on plants and animals with a loose and expressive abstract style emphasizing line structure to celebrate the details. 

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